Basic Data Analysis


In the search of a state of the art biostatistical analysis of your gene or protein expression data? Look no further.

We offer a complete analysis of your data with state of the art biostatistical methods with full transparency. Each step chosen throughout the data analysis is well described. It also includes a report summarizing the results, tables of the data before and after each analytic step. You also get useful figures in vector-format, designed to be ready for publicizing.


The analysis includes:

  • Data filtration
  • Detection of unique identification
  • Data transformation and normalization test
  • Outlier estimation
  • Statistical testing 
  • Data visualization. 

Machine learning is utilized to find outliers, adjust p-value in case of low sample size, cluster analysis, and more. Clustering is used to personalized medicine-inspired expanded regulation analysis (if interesting subgroups or sub-studies are implied by clustering, we will do statistical analysis on these).

Outsource data preparation

If you prefer to outsource the preparation of the data, we can do it for you. One of our experts will give you a call and briefly have a dialogue about the data to ensure that we understand your data set correctly. If multiple files must be uploaded, please zip them into one file.

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Prepare your data before purchasing:

To ensure correct analysis, we must ask you to insert the data into our three templates.

Download the templates here:

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If this is the first time you have to prepare your data with us, you can learn more here.

Do you not want to sort the data yourself?

If you would prefer to outsource the preparation of the data, we can do it for you. Check the box “Purchase data preparation” and upload your datasheet.

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(max file size 256 MB)

(max file size 256 MB)

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Although the analysis has a thorough description, it may be helpful to have a thorough review of the analysis with one of our experts.

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